Sunday, April 28, 2013

Coffee Shop Office?

Is the Office Really the Best Place to Get Work Done?

I like the idea of spending a couple of days a month working somewhere other than my cube. I'm not sure that a coffee shop would be my first choice, but I do like the idea of working off site to break things up a bit. I even like the thought of changing location around the workplace. And even switching devices can help.

Sitting in the same chair  Hour after hour is definitely antithetical to creativity. If I work from home, I like to switch locations and devices to keep things fresh. Around the office, I get up and wander around rather than using the phone or IM. If I'm stuck on something, getting up and relocating to a patio or taking a brief walk around the floor will often break the idea loose.

I take advantage of tools like OneNote to be able to start thoughts in one location and build on them in another. Skydrive or other sharing location allow me to "take" my ideas with me. I am very careful to put only "public" information on these services and rely on the company VPN for more sensitive information.

And speaking about sensitive information you NEED to be very careful when working in public places. It's like folks on their cell phones who share their conversations with you, even when you really don't want to know. Information you discuss, or show on your screen is visible to all, if you don't take care. Be aware of your environment and the people in it.

Get up, move around, change location to enhance creativity and keep your work going strong.

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