Saturday, August 31, 2013

Netbook Notes

I'm using my NetBook for notes and media creation, primarily because of its keyboard. Here are some random thoughts in no particular order. (Remember, I have Ubuntu loaded on the device.)

  • Slow to start up -- but not slower than my Windows 7 laptop. My work laptop is even slower because of all the checking it does, I believe.
  • Slow to run applications? Not really. Once they are loaded, most of the applications that I use run in memory and I don't find any particular slowness in their use. Sure, If I was to run compute intensive applications, it would be signifigantlly slower than my laptop, but I don't do that. It's definitely not slower than my Acer A100 tablet.
  • On-line applications are fine. Since the network accounts for much delay in these types of applications, I don't see all that much difference. And, the keyboard makes all the difference for creating content such as this.
  • The screen is small -- yeah, but so is the screen on my tablet. I live with it and bring it up to my old eyes when I need to actually read small print. I use the tablet primarily for "consumption" and this device primarily for "creation".
So the bottom line? It works well for now. I can't spend the money on a more advanced computer and Ubuntu seems to give me adequate capacity to make this thing do the job. I want to use the device which will do the job I intend for it to do. So, the phone for capture of, primarily, images and communications -- texts, phone calls, etc,, the tablet for media consumption (shared with the phone if I'm not near WiFi), the NetBook for media creation, and the laptop for my "real job" and heavy-duty creation.

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