Sunday, October 20, 2013

ACA Sites and Testing

I normally comment about the USA on American Person but this comment is really about testing. There has been much comment, especially from the right, about the problems with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) site problems. But, it's not unique to those sites. I just tried to sign up to "win a million dollars in cash and prized" and the site didn't work. When I hit the sign up button, rather than signing me up, the site simply put a one in front of my required phone number. Now, here's a company hoping to make money from me and the mechanism for doing this doesn"t work. What do you think my impression of this company is now? Probably down a few notches, don't you think?

The problem appears to be testing. They, obviously, didn't test this form sufficiently enough. I left the page because of that failure and deleted the e-mail. I'm also more likely to have second thoughts about doing business with this company. The thought is that you need to thoroughly test even the smallest components of your site BEFORE releasing them. Enough said.

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