Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Dream Netbook/Tablet

Most tablet computers seem to emphasize showing content. My ideal Netbook/Slate involves creating content. Here are the essentials:

  • WiFi -- Don't need 3/4G and I don't want to pay a phone company for a data plan
  • Web Browser
  • Microsoft OneNote or equivalent -- I want to duplicate the outstanding ability to capture and create contsnt
  • Keyboard -- I'm creating and don't like a handwriting interface, although I might use one in a meeting, for example.
  • Under $400 -- preferably under $300
Sounds pretty impossible, doesn't it. But they are pretty simple requirements. Here is some reasoning.

The ability to play MP3, show movies, etc. would be nice, but not necessary. So, given that, lets go down through the basic requirements. First, WiFi access. I don't travel and don't find myself in many places where WiFi isn't available when I want to create data. Plus the $1,200/year cost of a data plan from a phone company just doesn't seem necessary.

A web browser is needed to display source information. Pretty much a must have today to access the data and opinions of others. It's also the mechanism by which I'm putting information on the web like this blog entry.

Microsoft OneNote or equivalent. This is a major tool to create content. It's the one application that Microsoft got right.

I need a keyboard because my handwriting is so bad. If I had a tablet, I suppose that I would like to be able to enter information some other way, like a touch screen, but the keyboard has long been my preferred method of data entry.

And the kicker, the price. I don't have all the money in the world for a toy. I'd like the maximum price point to be $300-$400. Otherwise, I'll stick with my current Acer netbook and leave it at that.

All those thousands of apps? I don't need them and probably wouldn't use them. So, they might be nice, but I don't think you would find me spending my money on many of them. I just don't see the use. I know I'm a bit on the minority side with this discussion, but, it's what would get me to buy one of these things.

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